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Grünangerl Chapel

The chapel was built in the 18th century and is known as a place to draw strength from. The quaint chapel lies in the woods between Wiesing and Münster.

Grünangerl Sommer | © Gemeinde Münster

The Lady Chapel is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, cited as the patroness of all humanity. However, certain occupations and activities are more closely associated with her protection: priests, midwives, innkeepers, cooks, furriers, clothiers, potters, boatmen, gingerbread bakers, silk workers and vinegar brewers. High emphasis is placed on Mary's roles as protector against thunderstorms and lightning and intercessor in all hardships and against diseases in general.

An unusual Way of the Cross was created along the path to the chapel. Local artist, Hartwig Unterberger designed expressed the hardships of our time in simple but impressive modern pictures on large granite stones. Each picture is accompanied by a suitable verse from the Bible.

A special focal point in the chapel is the ceiling fresco, which was uncovered and restored during the chaple restoration in 1981/82.

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