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KulTour - Chapels in Münster

As early as 600 AD Münster had its own parish. Also documented in the 7th century was a monastery in the present place of the parish church, which was probably used by Irish-Scottish monks for missionary work. The name Münster can be derived from the Latin word "monasterium" (monastery).

Length 10.64 km
Duration 2:30 h
72 hm
73 hm

Discover several chapels and the parish church on a leisurely walk through Münster. 

The route starts at the Maria Himmelfahrt (Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) parish church and continues a few metres further to the cemetery chapel, which was built in 1874. Follow the R1 hiking trail R1 until you reach the Asten Chapel. The trail leads on through Grünsbach, from where you can follow the no. 20 hiking trail (towards the Bayreuther Hütte). On this trail, there is then a turnoff on the right side to the Kniepass Chapel, at 1096 m. This chapel is a Marian chapel and was built between 1724 and 1727 and renovated and rededicated in 1928. The last section to the Kniepass Chapel is quite narrow - please be careful. Now take the same path (or the marked shortcut) back to the hiking trail down in Grünsbach. Hike southwards on the R1 hiking trail to the Habach Chapel. Continuing westwards on the R1, you will pass the Hofer Chapel shortly after the REHA Center. It is dedicated to Jesus Christ and was built in the 17th century. Follow the trail to the Hauser Chapel. Continue on the R1 hiking trail towards the woods, past horse paddocks to the Grünangerl Chapel. The path follows the Kreuzweg (Stations of the Cross) back to the Münster village centre.

Author’s recommendation

If you would like to include the Kniepass Chapel, we suggest you plan at least one hour more walking time. The Gasthof Hauserwirt is an ideal venue to stop at for something to eat and drink.


Münster village centre - church - cemetery chapel - Asten Chapel - Habach Chapel - Hofer Chapel - Hauser Chapel - Grünangerl Chapel .....small detour to the Kniepass Chapel (steep)


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 590
Start Münster village centre
End Münster village centre
Public access

A12, motorway exit Wiesing, L 211 towards Münster to village centre/church

A12, motorway exit Kramsach/Brixlegg, towards Kramsach, L 211 towards Münster to village centre/church

Public transport

By train:  Münster

By bus: Arrival: Radfeld Mittelschule Rattenberg bus stop – from Alpbach/Böglerhof - Brixlegg Herrnhausplatz bus no. 4074 (i.eB. 9:36 – 9:59); Brixlegg/Herrnhausplatz - Münster Gemeindeamt bus no. 4111 (i. e. 10:21 - 10:30)

Return:  Münster/Gemeindeamt - Brixlegg Herrnhausplatz bus no. 4111 (i. e. 14:05 - 14:15); Brixlegg/Herrnhausplatz - Alpbach/Böglerhof (i. e. 14:25 - 14:45)


Münster village centre


Sturdy footwear, rain/sun protective clothing, small snack and something to drink

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