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Difficulty: medium

Alm hike in Breitenbach

Varied route past four Alms (high pasture huts)

Length 10.71 km
Duration 5:15 h
969 hm
969 hm
The tour starts in Breitenbach, Schnönau. Turn right after the tennis courts and follow the steep but easy route towards the Ruhreralm (approx. one hour), on to the Aschakreuz 1.458 m (approx. one hour from the Ruhreralm) and the Aschaalm. Backtrack a short part of the path and continue through alpine pastures towards the Nachberg Hochleger. From there walk downhill to Nachberg Niederleger; an in parts quite steep, but not dangerous route leads downhill to Schönau. The walk along the road from Schönau back to where one started takes approx. 1/4 hour.

Breitenbach / Schönau - Gasthof Kaiserblick car park - Ruhreralm - Ascherkreuz - Aschaalm - Nachberg  Hochleger - Nachberg Niederleger - Holzkapelle Niederlegeralm - Gasthof Kaiserblick car park

Alpbachtal Tourismus

Safety guidelines
Trittsicherheit, speziell beim Abstieg, ist erforderlich.

Author’s recommendation
Take sufficient water and food with you, there is nowhere to get something to eat and drink along the route Plan a visit to the new wooden chapel between the Nachberg Almen and Schönau. The chapel was errected by the Landjugend (rural youth association) Breitenbach 

Round trip
Max. Altitude 1458
Start Breitenbach
End no. 8311 www.vvt.t
Public access

B171 to Kundl and Breitenbach, rdive through Breitenbach, take the road to Schönau. Alternatively take the L211 to Breitenbach

Public transport

www.vvt.at, bus no. 8311


Gasthof Kaiserblick


Festes Schuhwerk, Wetterkleidung, Getränke und Jause

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