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Difficulty: difficult

Crossing the Sagtalerspitzen

Challenging tour along the formidable Sagtaler Spitzen

Length 12.38 km
Duration 6:00 h
577 hm
1412 hm

Take the Wiedersbergerhornbahn to the top station and follow the signs for the Wiedersbergerhorn peak at 2.127 m  (300 m elevation gain). The views towards the Rofan Range and the Achensee, the Karwendel Range, the Stubai and Ziller Valley Alps and to the Kitzbüheler Alps with the mighty Galtenberg are most rewarding! 

Follow the trail down to the Hornalm and walk along the ridge to the  Standkopf. A shorter route to reach the beginning of the ridge, saving a few metres elevation leads from the top station via the panorama path A 40 (southern approach).

After approx. 2 h walking time either follow the signs for the Moserbaumgartenalm and on to Inneralpbach or continue along the ridge. The first peak is the Standkopf at 2.239 m (2 h 30 min from the top station).

Please note! From this point on the trail is only suitable for experienced hikers. Sure-footedness and a head for heights is prerequisite!

The downhill trail is exposed and rope-secured! Continue along the rope-secured trail to the Tapenkopf at 2.206 m and along the ridge with several more rope-secured sections to the foot of the Gamskopf at 2.205 m. The Gamskopf is the last Sagtaler peak. Walking time from the Standkopf to the Sagtaler is an additional 1 h 30 min.

From the Krinnjoch folloow the sidns for "Inneralpbach, Farmkehralm" (1 h walking time).

Treat yourself to a well earned break at the Farmkehralm. Follow the "Jagdsteig" leading to Inneralpbach (approx. 1 h 30 min) and take the bus back to the Wiedersbergerhornbahn car park.

Additional information
Alpbachtal Card
Author’s recommendation

Use of the summer mountain lifts is included with the Alpbachtal Card.

Safety guidelines

The trail between the Standkopf and Gamskopf/Krinnjoch is challenging and requires a head for heights and sure-footednesss.

There are several exposed and rope-secured passages!

Wiedersbergerhornbahn - Wiedersbergerhornbahn top station - panorama path - Sagtaler Spitzen - Farmkehralm - Greiter Valley - Inneralpbach

Alpbachtal Tourismus

Round trip
Rest stop
Start on mountain
Max. Altitude 2241
Start Wiedersbergerhornbahn car park, Alpbach
End Inneralpbach
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach, towards Brixlegg, Alpbachtal, to the Wiedersbergerhornbahn
Public transport


bus no. 4074

Parking Wiedersbergerhornbahn car park
Equipment Sturdy shoes and suitable clothing, water, something to eat, muesli bar, sun cream...
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