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Difficulty: medium

Farmkehralm 1.521 m

A leisurely ascending hike through beautiful Alpine pastures

Length 9.26 km
Duration 3:30 h
506 hm
506 hm

From the car park in Inneralpbach follow the road, at the Galtenberg Resort, turn left and walk up to the Zirmalm. At the fork turn right and follow the "Farmkehralm" signs. After another 150 m along the road, take the trail to the left, which leads via the Schützensteig to the your first destination, the Stettauer huts. Approx. 1 hour's walk to the Stettauer huts.

The beautiful Alpine pastures with the Stettauer huts is a perfect place to take a break. The Stettauer huts are not serviced, but you will always find a fountain and a cosy spot with a wonderful view. 

The trail continues uphill for about 1 hour, always keep to the right direction Farmkehralm.  At the Lehenhütte, it is best to take the shortcut up to the left to the Farmkehralm. Walking time Inneralpbach - Farmkehralm approx. 2 hours.

The rustic hut is located at 1,521m and you will be rewarded not only with an excellent meal, but also with a magnificent view towards the Großer Galtenberg.

Passing the "Greit Alm", the looped trail leads along a forest track downhill through the Greiter Valley . Allow approx. 1,5 hours for the return trip.

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Stettauer huts:

The construction dates of many of the original huts can't be precisely determined - too many centuries have since passed. The Stettauer Alm is a good example. However, it is certainly between 400 and 500 years old. In the past farmers had to send their livestock up to higher pastures, because there was not enough fodder in the valley. A few cows remained in the valley, the rest of the cattle spent the summer months on the mountain pastures. The cultural landscape characteristic of the Alpine region thus developed over centuries. To this day, the Stettauer hut fulfils its original purpose and is home to dairy cows. Not much has changed at all: even the old shingle roof still exists, held together by stones instead of nails. The ancient structure can be viewed up close on this leisurely hike.


Enjoy a delicious Wiener Schnitzel or the Tirol Pur Hüttenjause on the large sunny terrace or in the cosy interior. Please observe the Farmkehralm opening hours.

Car park in Inneralpbach - Zirmalm - follow road signs for "Farmkehralm" - Jagdsteig - Stettauer huts - Lehen hut - Farmkehralm - forest track downhill through the Greiter Valley - Greit Alm - Inneralpbach

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Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 1517
Start Inneralpbach car park, Alpbach
End Inneralpbach car park, Alpbach
Public access Journey to Alpbach
Public transport

www.vvt.at/bus no. 4074/bus stop: Inneralpbach

Parking Inneralpbach car park
Equipment Sturdy shoes and waterproof clothing
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