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Difficulty: medium

Holzalm from Kundl Saulueg/Distelberg

Pleasant hike along shady paths to the Berggasthof Holzalm

Length 7.26 km
Duration 3:15 h
460 hm
460 hm

Walk along the dirt track past the large fountain and after approx. 300 m turn left onto a small path – signposted!! The path leads uphill crossing the forest road on 5 occasions. Continue along the uphill path and walk through the Alpine pasture scenery. Find a suitable spot to cross through the marshy ground and walk through the meadows to an Alpine hut and – visible from this point – the Berggasthof Holzalm. Calculate approx. 1 h 45 min. for the ascent.

Behind the Berggasthof Holzalm a trail leads up to Gratlspitze. Calculate approx. 2h 45 min for the hike up to the cross and back.

Walk back to the parking the way you came.

Rest stop
Max. Altitude 1455
Start Saulueg/Distelberg, Kundl
End Saulueg/Distelberg, Kundl
Public access Kundl, Kundl Gorge. Towards Saulueg, turn right at the end of the plateau and walk drive uphill to the former Gasthof Distelberg
Public transport Not applicable
Parking Curve after the  former Gasthof Distelberg

Sturdy shoes, protective clothing.

Holzalm Holzalm
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