Mountain Biking
Difficulty: medium

Kaiserhaus loop R1

Demanding mountain bike loop tour through the Brandenberg Alps.

Length 32.64 km
Duration 4:25 h
863 hm
863 hm

This demanding mountain bike tour leads through the beautiful and untouched countryside in the Brandenberg Alps. The trans-regional loop tour serves as an addition to existing MTB routes. There are two options for the tour start, of which each can be completed clockwise or anticlockwise.

Start at the Kaiserhaus in Brandenberg along a short uphill trail. The trail flattens out leading along the stream via the "Trauersteg" to the Erzherzog Johann Klause - where a dam used to hold back water for logging purposes. Continue via the Ackernalm and Riedberg to Brandenberg.

At the start is the entrance to the secured path leading through the impressive Kaiser Gorge. The Kaiserhaus with its wonderful garden is a perfect place to enjoy venison and fish dishes and savour the Prügeltorte (spit cake) - a sweet speciality typical for Brandenberg

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Author’s recommendation
Don´t forget your bathing suit! There are several beautiful spots along the Brandenberg stream where you can take a refreshing dip.
Safety guidelines

Closed in winter: all mountain bike and bike trails are closed for safety reasons from 1st November - 1st April.

These trails are not cleared from snow and many mountain bike trails lead through avalanche-prone areas. Depending on the snow conditions, some routes may be closed longer than 1st April. For details on snow conditions, please contact the local tourist office.

Kaiserhaus - Erzherzog Johann Klause - Achernalm - Reidenberg - Kaiserhaus

Alpbachtal Tourismus

Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 1424
Start Kaiserhaus, Brandenberg
End Kaiserhaus, Brandenberg
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach, towards Kramsach, Sonnwendjochbergbahn, past the now defunct chair lift and along the L4 to Pinegg. Take the turn to the left before the bridge and follow the signs for the Kaiserhaus.
Public transport

Bus 4070

Parking Kaiserhaus (subject to parking fees)
Equipment Helmet, sun glasses, bike shorts, rain proof jacket, hat, drinking bottle, map, first aid kit, mobile phone, camera, bike lock, replacement inner tube, mini tool kit, bike pump, puncture repair kit, sealing (repair) tape, sun cream, energy food (muesli bar), snack, ...
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