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Difficulty: Easy

Mittlerer Höhenweg family hike

Leisurely hike in Alpbach on the Mittlerer Höhenweg and along the Mühlbachweg trail.

Length 6.4 km
Duration 2:00 h
166 hm
169 hm

The hike starts in the village centre, past the church and slightly downhill over two bridges. Follow the road to the T-junction. Turn left and immediately right onto the Mittelzeile, i.e. the Mittlerer Höhenweg towards the Getreidemühle (mill) and Brechlstube (the Brechelstube was used to scrutch flax, to break the stalks and after much further processing, weave the inner fibre into linen). You walk past beautiful meadows and farmhouses and can really enjoy the sun and the views. When you reach the Brechlstube, the asphalt path ends, so we recommend that families with pushchairs turn back at this point.

The Brechlstube offers a great opportunity to take a break and enjoy any snacks you have brought with you.

Follow the same route back up to the first bridge. Turn right onto the Mühlbachweg. The theme trail offers several areas where children can play with the water and romp about in the forest. The theme trail actually continues to the right after a small incline, but you turn left towards the road and continue past the Hotel Alphof and the Congress Centrum Alpbach back to the starting point.

You will find several venues to stop at for something to eat and drink.

Stroller friendly
Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 1058
Start Alpbach village centre
End Alpbach village centre
Public access

A12 motorway exit Kramsach - Brixlegg - Reith i.A. - country road to Alpbach 

Public transport www.vvt.at

Bus no. 620


park at the beginning of the village


comfortable hiking clothing

Postalm Alpbach | © A. Campanile Postalm Alpbach | © A. Campanile
  • Mittlerer Höhenweg Alpbach Mittlerer Höhenweg Alpbach
  • Mittlerer Höhenweg _ Blick Tal einwärts Mittlerer Höhenweg _ Blick Tal einwärts
  • Mittlerer Höhenweg Alpbach.JPG Mittlerer Höhenweg Alpbach.JPG
  • Brechelstube Brechelstube
  • Skulptur am Mühlbachweg Skulptur am Mühlbachweg
  • Alpbach Mühlbachweg Alpbach Mühlbachweg
  • Congress Centrum Sommer | © Freudenthaler Norbert Congress Centrum Sommer | © Freudenthaler Norbert
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