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Difficulty: Easy

Pinegg - Kaiserhaus

Family friendly hike along the Brandenberg Stream - suitable for buggies and pushchairs (forest tracks)

Length 6.36 km
Duration 1:45 h
51 hm
52 hm
Cross the River in Pinegg and take the path upriver immediately to the left. One has now left the steepest (short) part of the hike behind one and the remaining path leads through meadows and woods upriver. There are numerous ideal spots to stop and rest – and maybe take a refreshing splash. After approx. 45 min one reaches an intersection. Follow the signs for the Kaiserhaus. Cross the river and walking past the turnoff into the Kaiser Gorge continue on to the Kaiserhaus (5 minutes). The path is ideal for families with children.

Pinegg (Brandenberg) - links entlang des Baches taleinwärts - Kreuzung - Beschilderung Kaiserhaus folgen - Brücke mit Blick in die Kaiserklamm - links zum Kaiserhaus. Retour entweder dieselbe Strecke oder über die Asphaltstraße als Rundwanderung.

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Safety guidelines
Achtung bei Nässe

Author’s recommendation
As there is a bathing ban for dogs at the lakes, the Brandenberger Ache is always a top tip for dog owners on hot days.

Stroller friendly
Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 725
Start Brandenberg/Pinegg
End Brandenberg/Pinegg
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach, towards Kramsach, defunct Sonnwendjochbergbahn, via the L4 to Pinegg
Public transport www.vvt.at
Parking Brandenberg/Pinegg

Sturdy shoes

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