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Difficulty: Easy

Berglsteinersee - Walking Path

Varied hike past the picturesque Lake Berglstein

Length 6.4 km
Duration 2:00 h
195 hm
195 hm

Start off from the Lake Reintal car park east (Regiobus-car park peninsula) and follow the footpath past the panorama board uphill up to one of nature’s jewels, Lake Berglstein (approx. 30 minute walk). Along the route 12 boards indicate the „Leichter Lernen Wanderweg“. The suggested exercises improve learning and concentration abilities for old and young (Kinesiology). The lake is surrounded by deciduous forest and is at the centre of many legends.

Walk around the lake, either to the left or right. At the eastern end of the lake take the gentle path uphill to a car park and continue uphill along a tarmacked road to the highest point "Salberg". Follow the road downhill to the next crossroads. Turn right and follow the signs for "Moosen". Walk around the back of the farmhouse and continue downhill along a beautiful forest and meadow path to Moosen. Cross the main road and at the next opportunity turn right again towards Lake Reintal. Shortly before the lake turn right uphill to the starting point.

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Author’s recommendation

For dog owners: the small retention basin offers dogs the possibility to take a cooling-off. Please be considerate of the bathers at the lake.

Venues serving food and drinks at Lake Berglstein or the Haflinger farm (Lake Reintal).

Safety guidelines

Only all-terrain pushchairs suitable


Lake Reintal/car park east -  Lake Berglstein - eastern of lake - continue along the tarmacked road to  the "Salberg" - downhill to the next crossing - turn right and follow the signs for "Moosen" - walk around the back of the farmhouse along a meadow and forest track and continue downhill to Moosen - cross the main road and take the next turn to the right towards Lake Reintal - turn right shortly before the lake and walk back to the starting point.


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Stroller friendly
Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 760
Start Lake Reintal/car park east
End Lake Reintal/car park east
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach, towards the lakes ("Seen")
Public transport

www.vvt.at Linie 4113

Parking Lake Reintal car park east

Sturdy footwear

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