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Difficulty: medium

Kaiser Gorge - loop trail

The hike through the Kaiser Gorge is an adventure for everyone. The narrow, rocky but well-secured  gorge path follows the course of the gushing Brandenberg River. 

Length 4.18 km
Duration 1:00 h
98 hm
99 hm

Up until 1966, the river that formed the gorge was used to log wood down the valley. This is also the reason for the walkways specially cut out of the rock, that still exist and are accessible today. For centuries, the very special spectacle of the logging wood, which once even attracted emperors and statesmen as spectators, took place dozens of times a year in Brandenberg.

The "Triftsteig" trail begins a few hundred metres below the Kaiserhaus. The trail leads for about 1 km through the Kaiser Gorge. The gorge is steeped in history, several bridges and rock archways and tunnels make the trail all the more interesting. Observe the power of the water and immerse yourself in the history of wood logging in Brandenberg. At the end of the gorge, you can hike back leisurely out the valley on the forest path to the starting point.

When walking the Kaiser Gorge circular tour take a break at the delightful Kaiserhaus. Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Sissi spent the night in this idyllically situated traditional inn. Enjoy a bite to eat and something to drink in their sunny garden. The kids will be enjoying themselves in the large playground with a low ropes course and more.

Be sure to try the original Brandenberger Prügeltorte! 

Author’s recommendation
Young children should be supervised at all times!
Safety guidelines
  • Sturdy shoes, sure-footedness and a head for heights are required.
  • The gorges can also harbour dangers. 
  • We strongly recommend not to walk the gorges on days with heavy rainfall.
  • Harnesses can be hired for a returnable fee at the following points: Sport Ossi in Kramsach and the Kaiserhaus in Brandenberg.
  • Please obey safety rules when walking with children!!!
  • Please lead smaller children by the hand at all times!


300m after the Kaiserhaus a narrow path follows the impressive course of the Brandenberg River for approx. 1km. Several tunnels and bridges make the path particularly attractive. Below the cliff hugging path the gushing Brandenberg stream makes its way down the valley. At the end of the gorge bear left and walk along the forest track back to the starting point.

The path through the gorge used to be a wood logging trail, built by Ing. Hermann Veith. Timber was collected in a dam at the Erzherzog Johann Klause (approx. 7 km upstream from the Kaiserhaus). The force of the water was used to transport the logs along a 20 km stretch to Kramsach. The trail was built to help loggers avoid log jams blocking the passage of the river.


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 804
Start Brandenberg/Kaiserhaus
End Brandenberg/Kaiserhaus
Public access A12, motorway exit Kramsach, towards Kramsach, Sonnwendjochbergbahn, past the former chair lift and along the L4 to Pinegg. Take the turn to the left before the bridge and follow the signs for the Kaiserhaus.
Public transport

www.vvt.at, approx. 45 min from Pinegg

Parking Kaiserhaus
  • Sturdy shoes and suitable clothing
  • If necessary, climbing belts and safety harnesses for children can be hired at Gasthof Kaiserhaus in Brandenberg or at Sport Ossi in Kramsach.

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