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KulTour Radfeld

In Radfeld, traditions are still vibrant and strongly upheld. Due to its close proximity to Rattenberg, Radfeld is an ideal starting point for all types of holidays. Numerous regular guests have fallen for the cosy atmosphere and the proximity to cultural sites in the immediate vicinity. In the summer months, the Stadtmusikkapelle Rattenberg/Radfeld provides a great atmosphere at weekly summer concerts. The Inn cycle path runs through Radfeld and provides for cycling routes in all directions. 

Length 7.49 km
Duration 1:49 h
10 hm
10 hm

Park your car at the Gemeindeamt Radfeld car park opposite the church. Cross the road and visit the "St. Briccius" church on the Lindenbühel. Behind the church, a small path leads behind the fire station, through the railway underpass towards the main road. Shortly before the main road, turn left onto the footpath/cycle path and you will already see the "Aufleger" chapel ahead of you.

You have to walk eastwards along the main road for a short distance (approx. 200 m) before you take the first turn left again towards the village (Unterdorf). Walk through the underpass, turn immediately right and follow the footpath along the railway for about 200 m. Take the first turn off to the left. Pass the small village stream and continue straight ahead in a northerly direction alongside the tree wind shelterbelt until you reach the "Herz Jesu in der Au" chapel. Quench your thirst at the marble drinking fountain or enter the chapel, which was inaugurated in 2000 and built by the Radfeld Schützen (Home Guard) to gather your thoughts or simply to rest.

The trail continues westwards along the Inn cycle path to the Hotel Sonnhof in Radfeld village centre. Cross the road, walk along the narrow settlement road past a quaint old house towards Rattenberg. After approx. 500 m, at a fork walk left towards the railway embankment. At the next crossroads, you will find the "plague column" and the "Kremerstadl". Continue along the road towards Rattenberg, turn left at the stop sign, walk through the railway underpass and take the small road on the right just before the cemetery leading towards Rattenberg town centre.  

At Rattenbergs' southern entrance pass through the "Kundlertor" with its Mundloch (former entrance to one of the copper mining tunnels) and enter the town centre via the Bienerstraße. The Kundler Tor forms the border between the municipalities of Radfeld and Rattenberg. Today, bars protect the former mining tunnel entrance. Walk past the town fountain made of Kramsach marble and continue along the road towards the River Inn and the bridge. During bridge renovation work in 1994, a new Nepomuk statue "wayside shrine St. Johannes Nepomuk" was erected and protective wrought-iron bars were installed in 1996. Take some time for a stroll through Rattenberg. Numerous sights such as the Augustinian Museum, the St. Virgil parish church, the castle ruin, the Nailsmith's Houses and Kristallglas Kisslinger and more are bound to satisfy your hunger for culture.

From the bridge over the Inn River, walk back along the Radfeld village road to the local authority building in Radfeld.

Author’s recommendation

Take some time to discover Rattenberg. Numerous sights such as the Augustinian Museum, the St. Virgil parish church, the Schlossberg (castle ruin), the Nailsmith's Houses as well as Kristallglas Kisslinger and more will satisfy your interest for culture.

Safety guidelines

gutes Schuhwerk, Sonnen- und Regenschutz, Trinkwasserflasche


Radfeld/Gemeindeamt car park - St. Briccius church- Aufleger chapel - Herz-Jesu-in-der-Au chapel - Kneipp facilities Radfeld - Hotel Sonnhof - village road towards Siedlung - turn right at the Siedlung crossroads - plague column - Kremerstadl - Rattenberg cemetery - southern town entrence - Kundler Tor with Mundloch - Rattenberg - bridge over the Inn River with St. Johannes Nepomuk wayside shrine - back along the village road to the Gemeindeamt Radfeld


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Stroller friendly
Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 530
Start Radfeld - Gemeindeamt car park
End Radfeld - Gemeindeamt car park
Public access

By car:

B171 towards Wörgl - turn off for Radfeld - Gemeindeamt in the village centre next to the church - parking lot

Public transport

By car, bike or e-bike:

Parking lot at the Gemeinde Radfeld

By bus to Radfeld:

from Alpbach/Böglerhof via Brixlegg/Herrnhausplatz to Gemeindeamt Radfeld: (e.g.)

bus no. 4074: 09:36 – 10:09

bus no. 4074: 10:41 - 11:06 (Alpbach - Brixlegg/Bahnhof) change into bus no. 4115: 11:12 - 11:17 (Brixlegg train station - Radfeld Gemeindeamt)

Return by bus from Rattenberg/Neue Mittelschule to Alpbach/Böglerhof (via Brixlegg):

bus no. 4074: 14:52 - 15:22


Gemeindeamt parking lot


sturdy shoes, sun protection and rainproof clothing, water bottle

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