Nature Trail
Difficulty: medium

KulTour - Burgenweg (castles loop tour) Alpbachtal

Easy walk starting in Rattenberg - Austria's smallest town - leading past old castles and ruins and through Matzen Park.

Length 10.27 km
Duration 3:15 h
250 hm
250 hm
The castles loop tour start at the "Kundler Tor" in Rattenberg. The beautifully laid out trail leads along the imposing city wall over a Way of the Cross path briskly uphill. After approx. ½ hour you will reach the Waldkapelle (forest chapel) in a clearing. The small wooden chapel is a haven of peace. At the crossroads above the clearing, continue uphill on the left-hand trail for about ¼ hour. The trail then leads slightly downhill, partly over wooden bridges, to Brixlegg to "Mariahilfbergl". Surefootedness is required on this section of the trail! Arriving at the houses, follow the narrow tarmacked road uphill and follow the "Burgenweg" signs. Once you reach the highest point, you will be treated to a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. Continue steeply downhill to the right past a farm to Brixlegg to the schools. Turn right on to the Badgasse to the St. Bartholomew church in Mehrn, Brixlegg. Cross the Alpbach Stream, turn left and walk uphill via Marienhöhe until you reach the main road, cross it and walk uphill again on the opposite side of the road for a short distance until you reach the "Mühlbichl". Follow the "Burgenweg" and "Matzenpark" signs.

After the last house on the left, don't miss having a good look at the imposing "Rolandsbogen" ruins. Continue walking on the left side past the "Matzen Park"  car park to "Lipperheide Castle". At the main entrance to Matzen Park follow the Burgenweg signs. the path leads between the lion pond and carp pond, past the "Nymphäum" and on to the exit at "Burg Matzen" and "Gut Matzen". The path leads between the lion and carp ponds, past the "Nymphäum" and on to the exit at "Matzen Castle" and "Gut Matzen". Take a look at "Gut Matzens'" northern wall. You will see the coats of arms and regency periods of the estate owners since its foundation. Turn right after the house and walk slightly uphill past "Matzen Castle" to the forest playground. Walk downhill past the tennis courts to the "Matzentor" and the east entrance to the park.

At the main road, cross the road and follow the Inn Cycle Path to Rattenberg. Alternatively, you can walk a short distance along the road and take the opportunity to visit Brixlegg, where you will find several shops and eateries. 

RATTENBERG: One of the hikes highlights awaits you at the end - the smallest town in Austria! The town is the perfect place to round off a day of sightseeing. Visit the beautiful parish church, the Nailsmith's Houses or the Augustinian Museum. The Rattenberg castle ruins are also worth a visit. The world-famous painter Egon Schiele was also inspired by the old walls and the medieval gem of Rattenberg. From up here you have a wonderful view over the town and the Inn Valley.  

Note: total time incl. visits and stops: approx. 4 hours

Dog friendly
Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 688
Start Rattenberg - car park East/cemetery
End Rattenberg - car park East/cemetery
Public access

A12, motorway exit Kramsach/Brixlegg, Rattenberg or B171 to Rattenberg through the tunnel, then immediately left to the east car park P5

Public transport

By train: Rattenberg - Kramsach-Rattenberg stop or Innkauf Brixlegg

By bus: 

Arrival:  Alpbach/Böglerhof - Brixlegg station Bus 620 - change Bus 621 to Radfeld Mittelschule Rattenberg

Return: from Radfeld Mittelschule Rattenberg - Brixlegg station Nr. 621 - change to Nr. 620 - Alpbach Böglerhof 


Rattenberg P5 and P4 or to the west of the town P1, P2 and P3

parking fees apply


Sturdy footwear, rainproof clothing, sun protection, Mayr XL map no. 428

Kundler Tor Rattenberg | © Birgit Angermair Kundler Tor Rattenberg | © Birgit Angermair
  • Blick auf Schloss Matzen Blick auf Schloss Matzen
  • Fußgängerzone Rattenberg Fußgängerzone Rattenberg
  • Rattenberg Stadtansicht Inn Rattenberg Stadtansicht Inn
  • Einblicke Museum Einblicke Museum
  • Castle Matzen park in Brixlegg Castle Matzen park in Brixlegg
  • Augustiner Museum Rattenberg Augustiner Museum Rattenberg
  • Schloss Lichtwerth Schloss Lichtwerth
  • Matzenpark Matzenpark
  • Nagelschmiedhäuser Museum Nagelschmiedhäuser Museum
  • Blick auf Schlossberg Ruine Blick auf Schlossberg Ruine
  • Blick auf die Stadt Blick auf die Stadt
  • Rastbank im Schlosspark Matzen Rastbank im Schlosspark Matzen
  • Schlosspark Matzen Spazierweg Schlosspark Matzen Spazierweg
  • Matzenpark Allee Matzenpark Allee
  • Beschilderung Burgenweg beim Kundler Tor Rattenberg | © Birgit Angermair Beschilderung Burgenweg beim Kundler Tor Rattenberg | © Birgit Angermair
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