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Tiefenbach Gorge (Tiefenbachklamm)

Off to the gorge adventure

The Tiefenbach Gorge is between Kramsach and Brandenberg. The turquoise-green floods, the bizarre rock formations and the magnificent view from the viewing platform: all this makes the Tiefenbachklamm one of the most popular excursion destinations.

For many, the easy hike along the Brandenberger Ache is one of the most beautiful nature experiences in the holiday region.

Due to safety reasons, the gorges are not accessible in Winter between 6. November 2022 and end of April 2023 and on days with heavy rain in Summer.

Hiking in the Tiefen Gorge

You will see: A hike through the Tiefenbachklamm gorge is highly recommended, especially on hot days.

You hike on the well-secured Triftsteig trail through the impressive Tiefenbachklamm gorge in Brandenberg, most of the time on stone and gravel ground high above the roaring Brandenberger Ache river. The bizarre rock formations in this gorge are particularly impressive. 

After about 1,5 km you reach a viewing platform. Deep below, the water has very little space in the narrow gorge. The rest of the trail crosses the Ache three times. The bridges are particularly suitable for observing the kayakers in the Ache.

Hut "Jausenstation Tiefenbachklamm"

After about 4 kilometres, the valley suddenly opens up and you reach a meadow. Here the Jausenstation Tiefenbachklamm invites you to take an enjoyable rest.

The walking time from the beginning to the end of the Tiefenbachklamm is about 1.5 hours. Either choose the same route back (recommended) or walk 40 minutes further to the left to the Jausenstation Stegerstall (bus stop back to the car park) or to the right to the church in Brandenberg (bus stop back to Kramsach). 

The car park and the hike through the gorge are free of charge!

Hut "Jausenstation Stegerstall"

Parking, Start Tiefenbachklamm

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