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Bletzacher Hausladen

The shop stocks homemade meat produce and dairy products from the Zottahof.

Gemischte Platte | © Fam. Richard Bletzacher Gemischte Platte | © Fam. Richard Bletzacher


All homemade!

  • various types of bacon, semidried sausage such as Landjäger, Kaminwurzen and Hauswurzen, salami, sausage meat
  • various cooked sausages (frankfurter, Käsekrainer [kransky], bratwurst...) and Stangenwurst (Lyoner, Extra [baloney types])
  • fresh meat is available on pre-order, if desired marinated or portioned for freezing

Milk products from the Zottahof:

  • organic "hay milk"
  • yoghurtplain or with fruit
  • pasteurised milk
  • butter
  • Graukäse (acid-set cheese), tilsiter, gouda and at times Bergkäse (gruyere type cheese)
  • and fresh eggs in boxes of ten

Closed on Sundays and bank/public holidays!

  • Monday - Friday
    16:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday
    08:00 - 12:00


Bletzacher Hausladen
Richard Bletzacher
Alpbach 728a
6236 Alpbach