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High ropes cours Kramsach

Kinder im Hochseilgarten Kramsach | © Outdoorcenter Kramsach Kinder im Hochseilgarten Kramsach | © Outdoorcenter Kramsach

On an adventure- and obstacle course constructed in a natural setting at 12 - 17 meters above ground, participants are presented with a wide variety of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Courage, self-confidence, flexibility and a willingness to take risks go hand-in-hand with communication, mutual trust, problem-solving ability and being able to overcome personal barriers!!

Eagle´s Tour (easier variation) – minimum hight of 1,30 m
Mammoth Tour (more demanding tour) – minimum hight of 1,45 m

Individual guided groups from 4 persons upwards

Rates 2020: 

Tour 1 
Mammut Tour from a body hight of 1,45m, different experiences, 150m long Trac pulley and final jump from a hight of 17m. Time required 2,5 - 3 hours. Adults € 49,00; children € 36,00 per person.  
Tour 2 
Eagle Tour from a body hight of 1,25m,
round course with different experiences in a hight from 6-12m, 7 Flying Foxes, 1 Snowboardfox
Time required 2 - 2,5 hours. Adults € 39,00; children € 26,00 per person.
Tour 3
Flying Fox Parcours from a body hight of 1,20m.
in different hights (6-17m) & Lenghts (40m-100m) from one platform to the next one. Time required 1 - 1,5 hours.             Adults € 26,00, children € 19,00 per person. 

Benefit with the Alpbachtal Card: Flying Fox Tour - € 23,00 instead of € 26,00 adults, € 15,00 instead € 19,00 for children.


Outdoorcenter Tirol
Markus Pumpfer
Wittberg 105
6233 Kramsach