Bike Riding
Difficulty: Easy

KulTour - Burgenweg (castles loop tour) Alpbachtal by bike

Gentle bike tour starting in Rattenberg, Austria's smallest town. The tour continues with many impressions of old castles and the Matzen Park.

Length 9.23 km
Duration 0:45 h
40 hm
40 hm

Start at Rattenberg East car park/P4 and cycle westwards through Rattenberg, Austria's smallest town. Cycle along the Inn Cycle Path to Brixlegg. At the bike stop, turn left onto the B171 and for a short distance cycle on the main road until you reach the entrance gate to Matzen Park. The beautiful tree lined path leads through the park. The sight of the Matzen and Lipperheide Castles takes you back to long gone times. Now drive about 100 m next to the B171 federal road in the direction of St. Gertraudi and cross the road to reach Lichtwerth Castle via a small bridge. 

For approx. 100 m cycle alongside the B171 towards St. Gertraudi and cross the road to reach Lichtwerth Castle via a small bridge. A narrow meadow path leads past the castle to the Inn Cycle Path. Turn right and cycle leisurely past the Lido and the Bike Stop back to Rattenberg. 

Shortly before Brixlegg you will find the Skillpark & Pumptrack Rattenberg/Brixlegg, a great training area for bikers.

Note: total time for the tour incl. visits and stops: approx. 2 hours

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Sights along the way 

  • Augustinian Museum, Rattenberg
  • Nailsmith's Houses, Rattenberg
  • Parish church, Rattenberg
  • Tyrolean Museum of Mining and Metallurgy, Brixlegg
  • Matzen Castle Park, Brixlegg

Castles along the way

  • Castle ruins, Rattenberg
  • Matzen Castle, Brixlegg
  • Lipperheide Castle, Brixlegg
  • Lichtwerth Catsle, Brixlegg


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Rattenberg West/P1 car park - westerly direction through Rattenberg - Inn Cycle Path to Brixlegg - Matzen Park - past tennis courts to Matzen Castle - Lipperheide Castle - cycle along the main road B171 towards St. Gertraudi for approx. 100 m - cross the road - cycle over a small bridge towards Lichtwerth Castle - follow a narrow meadow trail past the castle to the Inn cycle path - turn right - back to Rattenberg 

Map / Maps

Mayr XL edition Alpbachtal no. 428 map

Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 550
Start Rattenberg - Parkplatz West/P1
End Rattenberg - Parkplatz West/P1
Public access

A12, motorway exit Kramsach/Brixlegg, Rattenberg or B171 to Rattenberg to Rattenberg through the tunnel, then immediately left to the east car park P4

Public transport

By train: Rattenberg - Kramsach-Rattenberg stop or Innkauf Brixlegg

By bus: 

Arrival: Radfeld Mittelschule Rattenberg stop – from Alpbach/Böglerhof - Brixlegg Herrnhausplatz bus no. 4074 (e. g. 09:36 – 10:06)

Return: Innkauf Brixlegg (e. g. 14:55 - 15:23); or from Radfeld Mittelschule Rattenberg - Alpbach Böglerhof (e. g. 16:55 - 17:26)


Rattenberg P5 and P4 or to the west of the town P1, P2 and P3

parking fees apply


sturdy footwear, rainproof clothing and sun protection, Mayr XL Alpbachtal map no. 428

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