Bike Riding
Difficulty: Easy

Alpbachtal MotivaTour - in tune with nature

  • Cycle along the Inn Cycle Path and discover nature from a different angle. At twelve different "power spots" signs with instructions for revitalising exercises encourage you to rest and recharge your batteries in nature.

Length 28.3 km
Duration 2:00 h
20 hm
20 hm

This scenic bike tour along the Innradweg from St. Gertraudi (Reith i.A.) to Kundl is approx. 16 km long. Not only is the route dotted with 12 inspiring MotivaTOUR spots, but numerous other opportunities can be discovered to fill the day with unforgettable moments.

The 12 MotivaTOUR spots

While cycling, you'll find yourself attracted to selected "power spots". Take some time to admire nature and its beauty, enjoy the views, rejoice in the here and now and try out the rejuvenating exercises. Short stories give insight to the history of several well-known companies in the region. You will learn about daily motivated entrepreneurship and functioning recipes for success.

Quote Alpquell company: "Our employees are proud to be involved in the flow of water from our own source, which was first officially recorded in 1611: the voice of nature! Our recipe for success: let the dynamics of the water continually emerging from the rocks under its own power, be our model: the spring as a source of power that nourishes us all and inspires confidence and cohesion!"

The route

This easy bike tour starts in St. Gertraudi, a hamlet belonging to Reith im Alpbachtal. The route leads along the Inn Cycle Path, past old castles, beautiful meadows and fields to Brixlegg. Continue on past the "bike stop" and take in the view towards the Rofan Range. Rattenberg, Austria's smallest town awaits its visitors. The cosy benches along the cycle path are ideal places for a short break. The trail continues through the sunny village of Radfeld along the River Inn to Kundl. We recommend the same route back to take a closer look at one of the attractions along the way.

Attractions and highlights along the route

The choice is yours, either on the way there or on the way back - numerous opportunities to spend an unforgettable day can be explored. Some of the highlights:

  • Kundl Gorge: the Kundler Klamm gorge awaits at the end of the trail. Take a dip in the refreshing water, collect stones or simply let your feet dangle in the stream. It is only a 10-minute walk from the gorge entrance to the Kundler Klamm restaurant. A playground at the entrance to the gorge will prove fun for younger cyclists.
  • Innovationszentrum Lindner, Kundl: in a modern exhibition area learn about the development of Lindner tractors.
  • Rattenberg:  The historic town lies directly on the Inn River and offers its visitors many cultural highlights such as the Augustinian Museum, the town parish church or the castle ruins on the Schlossberg. The town is also home to several eateries and cafés. How about some homemade ice cream from one of the confectioners and a stroll through the town, which is well known for its glasscraft.
  • Brixlegg: now that you know that successful companies have found their place in this town, you can delve even deeper into the history of the region at the Tyrolean Mining and Metallurgy Museum. Or, have a meal at one of the excellent restaurants. Not to be missed is a visit to the "Messner" store, a shop selling anything and everything.
  • Matzen Park: the picturesque castle park is one of the most beautiful and valuable cultural landscapes in Tyrol. A view of the castle or one of the ponds will remain an everlasting memory.

Enjoy an inspiring bike trip on part of the Tyrolean Inn Cycle Path.

Additional information

Find details regarding cycling in the Alpbachtal

NATURESPONSE® Nature Resonance is the direct connection of thought and perception through the symbolism of nature: motivating thought impulses are combined with exercises in wonderful "power spots".

Author’s recommendation
  • The MotivaTOUR forms a part of the Inn Cycle Path Tirol: Innsbruck - Erl leg
  • As an alternative, you can cycle back via the Reintal Lakes in Kramsach (likewise 16 km long; 150m elevation gain).
  • Bike Stop Brixlegg: sit and watch the river flowing by - feel calm, in control and at peace


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Safety guidelines

Don't forget your bike repair kit. You will find tools and a inner tube machine at the Bike Stop Brixlegg.


St. Gertraudi (on the Inn cycle path Innsbruck - Erl bei Kufstein leg)- Matzen Castle - Brixlegg - follow the cycle path to Rattenberg - Radfeld/Hotel Sonnhof - Herz Jesu in der Au chapel - continue on the Inn Cycle Path to Kundl; either take the same route back or cycle along the L211 from Breitenbach - Kramsach Reintal Lakes - Rattenberg and back to St. Getraudi.

Stage tour
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 521
Start Inn Cycle Path/St. Gertraudi
End Inn Cycle Path/Kundl
Public access By car: B 171 to Matzen Castle (parking facities). By bike: cycle along the maion road to St. Gertraudi (approx. 5 minutes from the car park). At Kropfsberg castle turn onto the Inn Cycle Path. 
Public transport

The nearest train station to the starting point is in Brixlegg. The Inn Cycle Path can be accessed in Rattenberg, Brixlegg, Kundl or Jenbach. Entry points are in the immediate vicinity to the respective train stations.

Parking Matzen Castle car park

Sun protection and waterproof clothing

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