Winter Hiking
Difficulty: Easy

KulTour - Burgenweg (castles loop trail) Alpbachtal

Easy walk starting in Rattenberg - Austria's smallest town - leading past old castles and ruins and through Matzen Park.    

Length 8.16 km
Duration 2:30 h
40 hm
40 hm

Start at Rattenberg East/P4 car park and walk eastwards through Rattenberg, Austria's smallest town. From the western end of Rattenberg, the trail leads towards Brixlegg to the railway underpass and a short distance along the B171 to the Wolfen Chapel. Turn left and continue to Brixlegg centre. Cross the Alpbach main road and walk past Sigwart's Tiroler Weinstuben along the B171 to the entrance to Matzen Park. The beautiful tree lined path leads through the park. The picturesque castle park is one of the most beautiful and valuable cultural landscapes in the Tyrol. Enjoy the sight of the two ponds, the lion and carp ponds, as well as Lipperheide Castle and the triumphant Matzen Castle. 

Past the Gut Matzen restaurant, the walk takes you past the forest playground and the tree lined path back to the Matzen Park entrance gate. Cross the main road and follow the path straight ahead towards the Inn Valley Cycling Path. This path takes you directly back to Rattenberg. 

Total time incl. visits and stops: approx. 3 hours

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Author’s recommendation

All along the route you will find spots and buildings that give you a glimpse of earlier times, where you can pause and relax. A visit to the Augustinian Museum is definitely recommended. Especially the view from the bell tower is memorable.

Sights along the way 

  • Augustinian Museum, Rattenberg
  • Nailsmith's Houses, Rattenberg
  • Parish church, Rattenberg
  • Tyrolean Museum of Mining and Metallurgy, Brixlegg
  • Matzen Castle Park, Brixlegg

Castles along the way

  • Castle ruins, Rattenberg
  • Matzen Castle, Brixlegg
  • Lipperheide Castle, Brixlegg
  • Lichtwerth Catsle, Brixlegg


Alpbachtal Tourismus

Safety guidelines

Please be careful in winter as the paths can be icy and slippery.


Rattenberg East/P4 car park - through Rattenberg - Brixlegg - Matzen Park - Lipperheide Castle - Matzen Castle - Inn promenade to Rattenberg

Dog friendly
Round trip
Rest stop
Max. Altitude 550
Start Rattenberg - car park P4 East
End Rattenberg - car park P4 East
Public access

A12, motorway exit Kramsach/Brixlegg, Rattenberg or B171 to Rattenberg to Rattenberg through the tunnel, then immediately left to the east car park P4

Public transport

By train: Rattenberg

By bus: 

Arrival: from Alpbach/Böglerhof - Brixlegg station - Radfeld Mittelschule Rattenberg stop 

Return: Innkauf Brixlegg to Brixlegg station to Alpbach Böglerhof 


Rattenberg P5 and P4 or to the west of the town P1, P2 and P3

parking fees apply


Sturdy footwear, walking poles, rainproof clothing, sun protection, Mayr XL map no. 428

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