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E-Trial Park Alpbachtal

Environmentally friendly, quiet and powerful, riders of all age groups can test their skills in the E-Trial Park Alpbachtal. The recently built 2.500 m² large course where motorcycle lovers can test their skills, is located next to the Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort. With a little skill and practice, riders can easily negotiate the obstacles along the course.

E-Trial Park Alpbachtal | © Galtenberg Resort 4*S Ciacos GmbH E-Trial Park Alpbachtal | © Galtenberg Resort 4*S Ciacos GmbH

Plenty of biking fun for kids age four or older. Bikers can accomplish the route with its obstacles on the electrically powered bikes without screaming engines or smelly fumes. The bikes are ideal for up and coming talents as there is no risk of burning oneself on the exhaust pipe and the bikes are easier to manoeuvre than the petrol powered originals. Furthermore, they reach a lower speed.

Trial is skill testing not a racing sport. The slightest mistakes have immediate results. Precision, concentration and vehicle control are of utmost importance. Helmets and protective clothing are provided on site. One can also hire E-bikes (from docking stations) and E-Segways in the park. Adults can test their expertise with the E-powered bikes.

Good to know:

  • The trial park is open to all (not just to hotel guests)!
  • Registrations are not necessary
  • You can ride segways in the park, too
  • The services are open to adults and children from age 4 upwards

Closed on rainy days. Closed in winter.

21.05.2022 - 06.11.2022
  • Daily
    09:00 - 18:00

Segway rides: 10 Min. = € 10,00

Registrations not necessary!

Children: 10 min. = € 12,00 / 15 min. = € 17,00 / 20 min. = € 22,00
Youths: 10 min. = € 15,00 / 15 min. = € 22,00 / 20 min. = € 28,00
Adults: 15 min. = € 25,00 / 30 min. = € 45,00


Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort
Frank Kostner
Alpbach 40
6236 Alpbach

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