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Einhorn Tirol

Buy top- quality honey from the organic apiary and fine spirits from the Einhorn distillery.

Brände | © Franz Larch Brände | © Franz Larch

Einhorn distillery & organic apiary

Fine brandies and liqueurs from various types of fruit and roots are distilled at the Einhorn Distillery. Top-notch products are created from modern distilling skills paired with respect for nature and tradition.

At the organic apiary nature emphasis is placed on a holistic approach to nature and sustainablity.
Honey is a pure and natural product. The organic honey is free from possible residues.
The bee, which as the most important pollinator on our planet secures our future, should be offered the greatest possible protection and prime conditions. Natural honey crystallises. At max. 40°C (e.g. water bath) honey liquefies and returns to its original consistency.

What has the unicorn got to do with Alpbach?
The unicorn is often depicted alongside domestic game in paintings on the well-known Alpbach farmhouse furniture. In general, the unicorn is considered a symbol of goodness and is considered the noblest of all mythical animals.

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Einhorn Tirol
Franz Larch
Alpbach 737
6236 Alpbach

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