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The Generation Playground

covering 4.000 m² in Münster

Generationenspielplatz Münster in Tirol | © Gemeinde Münster

 „Spielplatz der Generationen“ in Münster is a meeting place for all age groups.

The 4.000 m² large area is home to several activities including an action trail, a barefoot path, exercise equipment and 25 interactive play areas. The older generation appreciate the action trail and barefoot path for improving their balance and equilibrium and the youngsters simply have fun. The primary school children from Münster were involved in the playgrounds planning phase - they should know!

Enjoy classic playground features: swings and seesaws, alongside a water games area, slacklines and a giant net for climbing.


Gemeinde Münster
Dorf 94a
6232 Münster