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Wooden heart

Weidach chapel

How old the chapel is is uncertain. Estimated from its exterior features it was probably built around 1675.

Innenansicht | © Pfarre Kramsach Innenansicht | © Pfarre Kramsach

The chapel is dedicated to the "Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary".

  • In 1721 - the chapel was renovated - the costs were borne by the Rattenberg municipal clerk Johann Georg Salzburger
  • 1724 - the small church was consecrated, i.e. transferred to the sacred realm
  • 1781-1790 - Emperor Joseph IIs' reform efforts (Josephinian Church Reform, Edicts of Tolerance) led to the confiscation of the chapel
  • 1848 - after several changes of ownership, the chapel was sold by public auction and is currently owned by the Kostenzer family, "Steinpeißer", Kramsach.
  • 1957 - the chapel on the bank of the Brandenberger Stream was converted into a war memorial chapel. The chapel's unusual, rich in symbols interior was designed by the academic sculptor Gret Einberger-Mäser from Kramsach.

The chapel is locked up for the night.

  • Daily
    00:00 - 00:00


Pfarrkirche Voldöpp
Mag. Martin Schmid
Voldöpp 38
6233 Kramsach