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KulTour - Alpbachtal Hop-on / Hop-off

The Alpbachtal impresses not only with its scenic beauty and traditions, but is also home to top-notch, partly unique culinary highlights as well as a host of art and cultural sites. We have put together a hop-on / hop-off tour by bus to explore the region's best cultural highlights. The tour leads from Alpbach to Kramsach and back.  

Length 35.08 km
Duration 7:00 h
547 hm
547 hm

The cultural tour "Alpbachtal Hop-on / Hop-off" starts in Alpbach at the Böglerhof bus stop. Take bus no. 4074 to Brixlegg/Herrnhausplatz. You have approx. 1 1/2 hours in Brixlegg before you move on to the next stop. We suggest taking a stroll through Brixlegg past the Bergbaumuseum (Tyrolean Museum of Mining and Metallurgy) and through Matzen Park with the two castles. 

Continue from Brixlegg/Herrnhausplatz with bus no. 4113 to RattenbergRattenberg is Austria's Smallest Town and home to many interesting sights - plenty of historical facts and sites to enjoy. Explore the entire town, starting from the  Radfeld/Mittelschule bus stop walk along the Hassauerstraße, Bienerstraße to the St. Virgil parish church, the castle ruin (Schlossberg) and down the other side of the Schlossberg to the western entrance of the town. Then walk through the town from west to east. 

After so many cultural impressions and following a wonderful lunch, the journey continues by bus/Mittelschule bus stop to the Museum of Tyrolean Farms in Kramsach. A visit to the museum is like a travel through time to the days of old and takes approx. 1 1/2 hours. A detour to Lake Reintal for a quick cooling-off is worthwhile before returning (hiking trail no. 1 - approx. 10 minutes' walk).

Either take the bus back or walk from Lake Reintal to Kramsach village centre to get on the bus. Alternatively you can carry on to the Lustige Friedhof/Humorous Graveless Cemetery with World Peace Cross and Danse Macabre.


You can find suggestions for bus connections under the heading "Getting there" or you can plan your own travel times on

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Time allowing, you can still take bus (nos. 4113 + 4115) to the Lustige Friedhof/Humorous Graveless Cemetery. There are no people buried here, but you will find very old grave crosses with amusing inscriptions, the "Totentanz" (Danse Macabre) and the World Peace Cross by Gotthilf Fischer. From the cemetery museum you can walk to Brixlegg in about 15-20 minutes and take a bus back to the starting point.

Alpbachtal Tourismus


Alpbach - Brixlegg - Rattenberg - Kramsach/Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses - Lustiger Friedhof - Brixlegg - and back

Hop on and off at your leisure.

Map / Maps

Mayr XL Edition Alpbachtal Seenland no. 428 map

Round trip
Rest stop
Family friendly
Max. Altitude 982
Start Alpbach or any other bus stop in the region
End Alpbach or any other bus stop in the region
Public access

Explore the region with public transport by means of hop-on / hop-off.

Of course, you can also do this tour independently.

Public transport 


Getting there:

Bus no. 620 Alpbach/Böglerhof - Brixlegg/station

Bus no. 621 Brixlegg/station - Kramsach/Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe


Bus no. 621 Kramsach/Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe - Brixlegg/train station change into

bus no. 620 Brixlegg/train station - Alpbach/Böglerhof

Parking Parking can be found at all sights
Equipment sturdy shoes, sun protection and rainproof clothing, water bottle
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