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Prügeltorte Schaubacken GH Kaiserhaus | © Alpbachtal Seenland Tourismus

Prügeltorte - show baking

Traditional pastry show baking at the Gasthaus Kaiserhaus in Brandenberg

The Prügeltorte is a regional speciality and is still made by hand. Each Prügeltorte is prepared over the open fire by brushing on even layers of batter (butter, sugar, eggs and flour) onto a rotating spit (Prügel) until the batter takes on a golden hue. Layer for layer - the original Tyrolean Prügeltorte in the making. One Prügeltorte takes approx. two hours to make.

The inn "Gasthaus Kaiserhaus" in Brandenberg hosts a show baking every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. from May to October (in good weather only).


GH Kaiserhaus
Hannes Larch
Aschau 81
6234 Brandenberg